Justifying text in a terminal with Python

Have you ever wanted to print text in your terminal to the utmost left while having another text on the same line to the utmost right ?

I bet you once did, and the sought result should look something like this :

A lot of threads out there in the net suggest using extra libraries like curses  and so on, but in this tutorial, we’re gonna use only standard and built-in Python functions.Read the rest

Hiding processes for fun and profit

I’ve recently been interested in Linux rootkits, and it turns out that behind that sexy name lay simple C programs. Being curious, I started looking for publicly available rootkits and tried to compile them to see how they work: Too bad ! Most of the rootkits I came across were written for Linux versions 2.xRead the rest

Setting up Tacacs+ with LDAP authentication

Working with multiple network equipments is a task that every network administrator have faced, and if you are one yourself, you are probably convinced by now that using multiple or a single password isn’t the brightest idea.

Tacacs+ is a proprietary protocol developed by Cisco to ensure the AAA functions: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting.Read the rest